Terraflex Industries is a leading manufacturer of extruded plastic products and PVC compounds. With decades of exper.

PVC Compounds

Terraflex line of lead-free PVC compounds includes a large family of both plasticized and rigid compounds specifically designed for various applications. Terraflex produces a wide range of standard compounds and develops customized compound on demand. Both soft and rigid PVC compounds allows for a gamut of applications, such as cables, seals, food grade bottles, injection molding, bath mats, hoses, cable tunnels, medical devices and more.

The company’s decades of experience and state of the art R&D facilities allow for fast response to unique customer needs. With tight quality control and premium-grade formulas that comply with the most recent international standards, Terraflex is geared at supplying the compounds that best match its customers’ requirements.

What is compounding?

Terraflex compounds a wide range of engineering thermoplastics. Compounding is a process of melt blending plastics with other additives. This process changes the physical, thermal, electrical or aesthetic characteristics of the plastic. The final product is called a compound or composite.

Compounding starts with a base resin or polymer. By adding an extensive range of additives, fillers, and reinforcers, a wide range of properties can be achieved in conductivity, flame retardance, wear resistance, structure and color . Compounding is done in several steps. Resin and additive(s) are fed through an extruder where they are combined. The melted compound exits the extruder in strands. These strands are cooled and cut into pellets. The pellets are thoroughly inspected and must pass internal quality checks before being delivered to customers for use in injection molding or sheet extrusion.

Terraflex Industries can provide custom compounds offering:

■ Low Temperature Flexibility ■ Improved Purity or transparency ■ Resistance to Fungus or Bacteria  Growth ■ Improved Elasticity ■ Resistance to Ozone Deterioration ■ Anti-Static Properties ■ Improved Dielectric Properties ■ Improved Conductivity ■ U.V. Stabilization ■ Decreased Tackiness ■ Fuel and Oil Resistance ■ Gamma Stability ■ Flame retardant