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Garden Hoses

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As a garden hose manufacturer we serve hose distributors and worldwide, supplying successful and widely used Terraflex Hose models. Leading Lawn and Garden Specialists & DIY chains import Terraflex quality garden and irrigation hoses, especially designed to fit a variety of fittings and accessories. With affordable pricing and superb quality, we believe Terraflex’s range of technical hoses can be an profitable asset to any garden hose product line.


Choosing the Right Garden Hose

Choose the right garden hose by deciding what you will use it for the most, and purchasing one that fits your needs.

Keep the following questions in mind as you shop to find the right hose for your lawn and garden, depending on the purpose of use for my garden hose (watering plants, washing the car or rinsing the patio)

How long do you need the hose to be?

Get a standard size of 25 feet (10 meters), 50 feet (15 meters), 75 feet (25 meters), or 100 feet (30 meters), unless you have distant watering needs
How thick should the hose be (what diameter should I get)?
Most hoses are 1/2 inch (1.3 cm) in diameter and can provide about 9 gallons (34 liters) of water per minute.
Get a thicker (larger diameter) hose to deliver more water. They can be 5/8 inches (1.6 cm) or even 3/4 inches (1.9 cm) in diameter. The thicker the hose, the less water pressure you lose over distance.

What type of material best fits your climate and watering needs?

Choose a vinyl hose if you live in a mild climate and have only light watering to do. Vinyl often costs less. Look for a hose that is reinforced with several layers if you need extra resilience.

Use a sprinkler hose or a soaker hose for regular lawn watering. A sprinkler hose can be left on the ground in one place, and provide a light watering, through a series of holes, to the surrounding garden or lawn. A soaker hose lays on the ground or just beneath the ground, and allows water to saturate the soil.

Do you need a reinforced hose to handle tougher tasks?

If your yard has a lot of equipment, furniture or sharp objects that you may drag the hose over, the right garden hose might be one with a mesh covering on the outer layer, which can help protect against snags and punctures.

Maintenance and Care: Taking good care of your hose can extend its life considerably. Avoid leaving hoses out in direct sunlight, as doing so may cause the water inside to boil, leading to interior damage. Avoid bending or kinking hoses during cold weather and coil hoses when not in use to prevent cracking.
Keep close tabs on where your hose is at all times to avoid accidentally mowing over it or cutting it with an edge trimmer. Purchasing a hose for each faucet will save you time and allow you to better select the right hose for different jobs.

• Drain hoses before freezing temperatures set in to prevent expansion and breakage
• Avoid dragging hoses over rough surfaces or areas with sharp objects
• Choose heavy-duty rubber hoses for intense commercial applications

Terraflex produces garden hoses for light to heavy duty application, for garden or balcony use