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Milk Hose – Quality, Safety & Sustainability

Phthalate Free

Terraflex takes milk quality and ecological concerns very seriously. Our Dairy eco-friendly tubing material is plasticizer-free, meaning it contains no phthalates (which  are known to cause
environmental and health issues).

Using our Milk hoses will help today’s dairy producers by facing challenges like meeting environmental and new legislation requirements pertaining to air, soil and  water, and Surviving a market that is becoming increasingly competitive on a global scale, by offering competitive pricing
Clear Milk Tubes are made from long-lasting, high quality food grade plastics. They comply with FDA & REACH regulations and do not contain chemicals listed on the  California’s Prop. 65.

Our hose are long lasting and work with most brands of milking machines. Terraflex Clear Milk Tubing allows for immediate visual inspection and verification of cleanliness. The hoses are flexible and easy to install, available with green, blue or red striping.