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Is your boat or yacht seaworthy? What is the right marine hose for you

The answer to this question is directly related to the quality of hose and plumbing used on your boat!

Terraflex recommends using high-quality hose that offers more durability and better performance in critical applications. We advise to only use hose supplied by a reputable manufacturer, such as Terraflex! In all cases, users are advised to ask their local boat-plumbing specialist in order to correctly install the hoses. All hosing sytems should be inspected frequently for signs of deterioration.

The application will determine what kind of hose to purchase for your boat: typical hose applications on boats are: raw water hoses, drain hoses, freshwater supply hoses, bilge pump hoses, sanitation system hoses, Hose for Engine Cooling.

Therefore, Marine hose, depending on it’s application, must successfully withstand vacuum pressure, handle a wide temperature range, contain gases and odors, and do all of this without sinking the boat. Standards and ratings for marine hose come from a variety of sources, including the U.S. Coast Guard, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, the International Standards Organization, the Society of Mechanical Engineers, Underwriters Laboratories and others.

No matter the application, it is important to remember that marine hose is no place to trade quality for cheaper materials. Good hose — hose that can stand up to pressure, heat and chemicals — is a critical boatbuilding component.

What is the rigth marine hose to use on your boat?

Terraflex PVC Braided (reinforced) clear hoses are recommended for potable water systems. Proper water hose is reinforced with nylon threads to not only strengthen it against the pressure of fresh and raw water systems, but also to help prevent it from collapsing on the suction side of pumps. Potable water systems, sometimes called domestic water systems, supply galleys, heads, sinks and showers.

The main duty of hose for potable water is to deliver drinking water without introducing any taste, odor or color along the way. Sometimes hoses are color-coded with blue (cold) and red (hot).