What is a Dairy Tubing or Milk Hose?

What is a milk hose?

What is vacuum tubing and is it different from the air tubing used in other industries? What are important parameters of milk hoses? The answers to these questions and many more you will find in this article

Is your boat or yacht seaworthy? What is the right marine hose for you

boat tubing and plumbing - all you need to know

The hoses you use on your boat or yacht vary in they uses and technical requirements: raw water hoses, drain hoses, freshwater supply hoses, bilge pump hoses, sanitation system hoses, Hose for Engine Cooling and more. You must know what type of hose to use for which purpose before you set sail


Competing with leading rubber brands, Terraflex hybrid PVC-NBR Rubber hose is a COS T E FFECTI VE AL TER N ATIVE TO R UB BER HOSES. Compound used for this hose is specifically formulated for milk & liquids transfer applications., based on Hybrid Thermoplastic Elastomeric materials, offering a smooth inner and outer surface.   SAFE         PHTALATE-FREE     

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